The Garsonix guide to HTML


Chapter 1: Creating a Web Site Using HTML.
This chapter goes through all the things you need to know before you actually start writing your page.

Chapter 2: The Basics of HTML.
Here you'll learn all the basics behind a web page, it also includes how you change the colour of your background.

Chapter 3: Stuff You Can Do With Text.
In this chapter you'll learn all the things you can do with text, like change it's size, colour, shape and so on.

Chapter 4: Adding Pictures to Your Web Page.
Web pages without pictures are pretty dull, learn how to add and create them.

Chapter 5: Linking to Things.
Traveling across the internet is made possible by links on pages, learn how to link to different things.

Chapter 6: Adding Tables to Improve the Layout of Your Page.
Learn how to add tables to show statistics and to improve the layout of your page by being able to position text and pictures more accurately.

Chapter 7: Using Forms to Get Opinions From Visitors to your site.
Forms are great to get feedback from visitors to your site. Here's how they are done.

Chapter 8: Adding Frames to Your Web Site.
Frames let you separate screens into several sections, they can make site navigation a lot easier.

Chapter 9: Little Extras.
These are the kinds of things you can add to your site to make it stand out from the rest. To make it a bit special.


Appendix A: CSS.
A reference to all the Cascading Style Sheet properties.

Appendix C: Web safe colours.
Illustrated reference to the web safe colour palette.


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