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Wormhole: The Story So Far...

The Sol system, the year is 4055. Shortly before the destruction of the Earth in the 28th century, mankind moved to the stars. Inhabiting other planets in alternative star systems, many races of humans have evolved throughout the generations. New religions have emerged, new technology has developed and new laws govern society. Yet human nature has not changed. Men still wage war on one another, seek to conquer distant lands and greedily exploit the weak.

From the small dry planetoid known as New Europa, a small pocket of warriors defend their home from the powerful armies of the neighbouring globe, Black Titanicus. Your only effective weapon has been the discovery of a small malignant Wormhole several hundred light years from your planet, the outlet of which leads directly into Black Titanicus' orbit. Launching your arsenal of missiles into the Wormhole, you hope to take out enough of their planet to buy yourselves peace for at least a few years, but your scheme does not go as planned...

The council of Black Titanicus have known about the Wormhole for many years but have decided not to risk directing your attention towards it by using it to mount an assault, but they have also developed a defensive policy to anticipate your moves. Using specially designed ships, they deflect your weapons back to your own planet which is all but destroyed by the resulting bombardment of explosions. As one of the few pilots surviving the attack, you must board your modified ship and venture into close proximity of one of the many exits from the Wormhole. Avoiding hazards such as black holes and rogue satellites which have been knocked off course by the shockwaves from the explosions, you must defend the entrance to the Wormhole nearest your home and attempt to use the Titanicans' own plans against them. Be brave youg pilot, the fate of New Europa is in your hands.



UP - Up Arrow.
DOWN - Down Arrow.
TURBO - Hold Shift With Arrow Keys.


To pass control to the applet click on the white square in the top left.